Sab Kuch Luta Ke

Sab Kuch Luta Ke is a song from Ek Saal Movie. This song is in a six-beat rhythmic cycle, Dadra Taal. On this page, we are adding some information about the song and a video tutorial of the same. This is a simple basic introductory tutorial for those who are new to the Tabla but over-excited to play with the songs. This is our humble attempt to help those new students. Dadra Taal Song Video Tutorial Added with notes.

Dadra Taal Song (Theka Used)


Ti(n) Ti(n) Ta Dhi(n) Dhi(n)
1 2 3 4 5




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Sab Kuch Luta Ke

Dadra Taal Info

Dadra Taal is a North Indian taal. This Taal is a 6 beat cycle referred to Trisat Jati group. It is a SAMPADI taal.

Matra / Beat - 6

Jati - Trisat

Vibhag / Division - 2 (3/3)

Taali / Clap - 1

Khali / Wave - 4


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