Taalbase / Taal Database

Taal Database is a platform where you can learn all Taal thekas in detail. We are regularly updating this page. It is a collection of all Indian Classical Music Taals in one place. You can also contribute to this project. If You want to share something. please mail us at info@soulofrythms.in with "Taalbase" in the subject line. Feel free to ask or suggest any edits or additions. Till then enjoy our lessons.

Taalbase Includes:

  • Video Tutorial
  • Written Notes
  • Ekgun, Dugun, Tigun, Chaugun
  • Aad, Kuad, Biad layakari
  • MCQ - Taal Related

Taalbase / Taal List

Dadra Taal Theka

Roopak Taal Theka

Kehrwa Taal Theka

Mat Taal Theka

Jhap Taal Theka

Ek Taal Theka

Ada Chautaal Theka

Teen Taal Theka

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