Ud Jayega Hans Akela

Ud Jayega Hans Akela is a Bhajan sung by Pandit Kumar Gandharva Ji. Bhagat Kabir Das is the writer-author of this bhajan. This Bhajan is in an Eight-beat rhythmic cycle, Kehrwa Taal. On this page, we are adding some information about the song and a video tutorial of the same. This is a simple basic introductory tutorial for those who are new to Tabla but over-excited to play with the songs. This is our humble attempt to help those new students. Kehrwa Taal Song Video Tutorial Added with notes.

Kehrwa Taal Bhajan / Song (Theka Used)

Dha Tin S Tin na ke Dhin S

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Ud Jayega Hans Akela

Kehrwa Taal Info

Kehrwa Taal is a North Indian taal. This Taal is a 8-beat cycle referred to Chatushra Jati group.

Matra / Beat - 8

Jati - Chatushra

Vibhag / Division - 2 (4/4)

Taali / Clap - 1

Khali / Wave - 5


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