Dadra Taal Theka

Dadra Taal Theka is a 6-beats North Indian taal. This taal cycle referred to trisat jati group. It is used with Light Music, Ghazal, Gurbani Keertan, Songs, Folk Music, etc. This Taal has two thekas. Let us learn both of them. it is a SAMPADI taal.

Matra / Beat - 6

Jati - Trisat

Vibhag / Division - 2 (3/3)

Taali / Clap - 1

Khali / Wave - 4

Dadra Taal Theka 1

Dadra Taal Theka

Dadra Taal Theka 2

Dadra Taal Layakari

Theka 1 - Ekgun

Dadra Taal Theka




Dadra Taal Theka Aad

Dadra Taal Theka Kuad

Kuad in One Avartan

Dadra Taal Theka Biad

Biad in One Avartan

Compositions in Dadra Taal

Composition Type - Laggi

  1. Dha Na Tu, Na Dha Tu
  2. Dhati DhaDha Tina, Tati DhaDha Dhina
  3. Dhage Tina Kina, Take Dhina Gina
  4. DhaS Tit Tit, TaS Dhit Tit

Composition Type - Tihai

  1. DhaDha   DhaS   SDha    DhaDha   DhaS    DhaDha    Dha
  2. Dhati   DhaS   SDha    tiDha   DhaS    Dhati    Dha
  3. Dhakat   DhaS   SDha    katDha   DhaS    Dhakat    Dha
  4. Nanagena   DhaS   SNana    genaDha   DhaS    Nanagena    Dha


1. How many Divisions are there in Dadra Taal?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

2. How many beats make a cycle of Dadra Taal?
a) 9
b) 6
c) 12
d) 10

3. Dadra Taal belongs to which Jati?
a) Chatursat
b) Trisat
c) Mishra
d) Sampoorna

4. Choose the Correct Taali-Khali sequence?
a) 1, 5
b) 1, 6
c) 1, 3
d) 1, 4

5. Which Matra/Beat is Khali in Dadra Taal?
a) 5
b) 3
c) 4
d) 8

[Answers: 1(a), 2(b), 3(b), 4(c), 5(c)]

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