Tabla Bol Library

Tabla Bol Library or Tabla Syllables Library is an collection of Tabla phrases. We discussed many basic and advanced syllables in detail.  But, soon we will update all the possible phrases. We have added a written description (Tabla notes) and a short easy-to-follow instructional video tutorial for each bol separately. You can learn about basic techniques with the help of these videos and notes and fine-tune your tonal correction.

These lessons are specially designed for the freshers and intermediate players of Tabla. You can benefit from the Tabla Bol Library uploaded lessons. Please also do check the short-listed pages at the end of this page, Which will provide useful links to pages related to the different topics of Tabla & Indian Classical Music as well. Just deep dive into the endless world of music and enhance your knowledge.

-Important Note-

Before learning Tabla notes please check the following Image. We use three words in our videos regarding the placement of the fingers - Kinaar, Maidan, & Syahi. Please remember this when reading the tabla notes.

Tabla Bol Library - Sec 1 (Right Hand Phrases)

Tabla Bol Library - Sec 2 (Left Hand Phrases)

Tabla Bol Library - Sec 3 (Phrases with both hands)

Tabla Bol Library - Sec 4 (Additional Phrases)

Hello! Friends, We are regularly updating our Tabla Bol Library with new videos with detailed instructions. We will keep updating this page every few weeks. Please stay connected on our social media platforms to stay updated with the new posts. Tabla Bol Library is a project to share knowledge to the last mile. This project will stay forever free as this digital library of Tabla Bols is a very much requested topic from the students. Because, In theory, it is not very clear about the execution of the bol or phrase. With this Digital Tabla Bol Library, anyone can learn the bol execution in a very interactive and easy way.

We hope you like our Tabla Bol Library and keep supporting us.