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Learn Tabla Online program offers distance Tabla learning programs to everyone over the internet. We are providing Online Tabla Tutor service worldwide and currently, we are attending students from 15 Countries. Presently, We are conducting special hobby learning programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level students via Skype, Meets, Duo, Zoom, Hangouts, FB messenger. We have a very qualified, experienced, and well-trained faculty.

We have a unique, informative, and innovative structure of the syllabus. Which will surely help you to gain success in just a few months. So what are you waiting for? Call now & join our “Learn Tabla Online” Program and start your Tabla Lessons.

Currently, we are attending the following Countries:


Courses offered by Us

Beginner Syllabus:

Part 1: Basic Tabla Bols – Basic Exercises – Ta Tin Tin Ta/ Teen Taal Theka – Basic Kayda 1/2/3/4 – 2 Kaydas (Delhi Gharana) – 2 Kaydas (Punjab Gharana) – Rela (Basic) – Rela (Punjab Gharana) – 5 Tukdas (Delhi/Punjab)

Part 2: Theka and Info of Roopak, Jhap Taal, Dadra, Kehrwa, Ektaal – Solo in Rupak (Based on Sem-1) – Intro with Kehrwa and Dadra Taal Thekas and Some Laggis with Tihai.

Intermediate Course:

Part 1: Teen Taal Intermediate Solo including (Peshkar, Delhi Kayda (2) – Punjab Kayda (1) – Rela (Delhi) – 5 TukraS (Delhi, Punjab, Banaras, Lucknow) – Chakrdar – Farmaishi Chakardar – KamaliChakardar – Gat (Delhi Gharana).

Part 2: Solo in Roopak (Peshkar, Delhi Kayda (2) – Rela – 5 Tukras (Delhi, Punjab, Banaras, Lucknow) – Chakrdar – Farmaishi Chakardar – Kamali Chakardar – Gat (Delhi Gharana).

Part 3: Solo in Jhaptaal and Ektaal (Based on Sem:1) – Kehrwa & Dadra uthaans, Laggis and tihais.

Advanced Course:

Part 1: Advanced Solo in Teen Taal – Jhap Taal – Ek Taal – Mat Taal – Char Taal Ki Sawari and Pancham Sawari

Part 2: Kehrwa, Dadra, Roopak, Deepchandi, and Jhaptaal Light Music accompaniment techniques and syllabus

Part 3: Rare Gharanedar Compositions of Delhi, Punjab, Lucknow including Gats, Kaydas, Tukras, Kayda, Relas, and more.

Special Sessions (11 PM-4 AM IST) are also available at a Flat ₹ 1,500/- Per Session fee.

(Only Yearly Discount can be applied)

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What Our Students Say About Us

Very clear teaching and friendly approachManjeet is extremely engaging as a teacher plays close attention to approving your strokes, and has great exercises in class and to practice.
Such a good experience so far and I’m hoping to keep working together for a long time.

– Alex de Giorgio London

Very clear teaching and friendly approachManjeet is extremely engaging as a teacher, plays close attention to approving your strokes, and has great exercises in class and to practice.
Such a good experience so far and I’m hoping to keep working together for a long time.

– Sameer BohraCanada

Learned and methodicalManjit is a very learned and accomplished Tabla player. Along with that, he has a great teaching style. I was looking for a tutor who can teach me methodically. He is always available to help during the week.

– Dhananjay AlvaIndia

A Unique Tabla learning resourceA very comprehensive syllabus for helping students to learn and practice all aspects of tabla in a very short period. The playing and teaching quality of tutor himself is also of a very high order.

– Gurvinder RehalIndia

I have been learning Tabla since 2018 from Soul of Rythms Institute. My tabla teacher, Sardar Manjeet Singh, Delhi is an honest and hardworking person. He has a lot of experience in this field. I recommend learning Tabla from Soul of Rythms…..Please. THANKS

– Kuldeep Singh KhalsaIndia

Manjeet Singh is a brilliant teacher who pays close attention to your strokes, rhythm, and tonal quality. He has great exercises in class and to practice.
My son has had a very good experience so far.

– Inderjeet SinghIndia

I am a student of Manjeet Singh sir for the last 1.5 years. The way he explains is simply amazing. There’re many instances when I was not able to grasp few techniques but he always gives priority to make things clear. Earlier, I was getting home classes from Manjeet Sir but after this pandemic(covid-19), he is providing online classes on Skype.I highly recommend Manjeet Sir as he is friendly, kind, knowledgable, and great fun to talk with. He knows what is important for beginners and intermediate learners and also what we need to do to improve quickly.

– Shashikant BhagatIndia

I have been with a few teachers for learning Tabla before I went to Manjeet Singh Ji. I have a busy schedule and usually find it difficult to practice outside of the scheduled classes. So, I needed a teacher who could motivate and inspire me along with teaching me the correct Table techniques and step-by-step syllabus. I expected very little from Manjeet Singh Ji in the beginning, but quickly realized that he doesn’t teach for money, he teaches because he loves to teach and he is perfect in his art. Because I was not able to practice beyond my one-hour classes once a week, he offered to split the classes into 2 half-an-hour classes per week. He even offered to do 5-10 minutes classes every day which I didn’t do because I couldn’t. Manjeet Singh Ji instilled hope and motivation in me along with giving me correct techniques for all the erroneous techniques I had learned from my teachers before. I am so happy with the progress I made with him in just a few months.After a couple of months of enjoying training with him, I had my daughter also start taking Tabla classes from Manjeet Singh Ji. She is learning very fast, enjoys her classes with Manjeet Singh Ji, and looks forward to them. Manjeet Singh Ji is always very encouraging and I am amazed to see how he transforms his teaching style based on the student’s age, needs, and skill level.Beyond Tabla, if you ever get into some discussions with him, he is a fine thinker, very straightforward, reads a lot of philosophy and poetry, and knows a lot about Tabla maintenance at an expert level. He is very software savvy and builds his own websites, mobile apps, and has amazing UX design skills. I have taken a break from Tabla classes because of my busy schedule (while my daughter is still continuing), and have already started feeling the void. Now he is not just a Tabla teacher, but a good friend and a well-wisher. I hope to come back to my classes soon, learn from him, and stay in touch with him for a very long time.

– Amarpal SinghUSA

I am enjoying my journey with my Tutor. He is very helpful, dedicated, and applies a friendly approach to his students.

– KarenKenya

I am learning Tabla from my Tabla Teacher Mr. Manjeet Singh. I just loved the way he teaches Tabla. Soul of Rythms is just awesome. Every weekend I take my classes, I am always looking forward to taking his classes.”

– DevanshUSA

Student ReviewHi, I am Nirvair and I thank Manjeet Sir for teaching me Tabla. He teaches with lots of love, effort, and patience. You are a wonderful person had an excellent teacher Sir I want to thank you with all my heart.Parents ReviewThanks, Manjeet Sir for teaching him tabla it started in a fun way but it has gone a long way he has been recognized in school because of all your efforts and training he really loves you a lot and look forward to your class and hats off you have lots of patience to teach them. Thank you so much For your efforts”

– NirvairINDIA

Hello! Everyone, My name is Uday Mashalkar and I lived in New Jersey, USA. I am learning tabla from Soul of Rythms with Guru Manjeet Singh for the last ten months now. What I like about these tabla learning classes is structured to the entire learning process. The entire course is divided into seven modules and each module starting from the beginning to the end helps a  beginner like me go through various difficulties with each class you also get a PDF of what you have learned in the class and at the same time you are also given a video or tutorial. With every class, I feel like I’m progressing each day so I really highly recommend this.”

– Uday MashalkarUSA

Hi! My name is Barry and I am from Northern Victoria. Currently I am student with Soul Of Rythms with Manjeet Singh as my teacher. I just want to say that he is a very good teacher. He is very knowledgeable and knows that what he is talking about. He is really help me got a good understanding of the theoretical concepts of Tabla.And what I like is that the classes are pre-planned and pre-structured, so what you are going to learn is very clear. And every week I am learning something new. So, I definitely recommend him to anyone who is either beginner or someone who is been playing Tabla sort of a hobby and want s to get a good gross of knowledge.”


Frequently Asked Questions

When we can start this course? Expand

You can start this course as soon as you make your mind. We are always ready to help you.

How long does it take to learn tabla? Expand

You can learn to play basic taals and compositions in 4-6 months. But to be good with Solo Performance and accompany someone it may take upto 3-5 years.

How I will get my Tabla Lesson Notes? Expand

You will get ready to print PDFs and support videos for lessons discussed during your session. Other than this you can ask for any help from your instructor at any time. He/She will reply to you within 24 Hours.

What I will do if having doubts to clear before session? Expand

We provide very detailed training and you will not need to bother about it. However, You can contact your instructor on any day. Our instructors will reply to you within 24 hours. We are available to help students 24X7.

How I will connect to my instructor? Expand

Our instructor will connect with you via various platforms available – Skype/ Meets/ Duo/ Zoom/ Hangouts/ Fb Messenger, Etc. Moreover, You can also suggest any new platform of your choice. Definitely, we will add it.

What are the benefits to Learn Tabla Online here? Expand

In addition, You will get multiple benefits from Online Learning:

Can I cancel or post-pone my session if required? Expand

Yes, You can cancel your session once every month for free.

If you cancel more than once we will mark these sessions as paid. But one session per month you can reschedule every month for free.

Can I opt for Intermidiate or Advanced course? Expand

Yes, You can skip the beginner course if you know about Basic Tabla Rhythms or an equivalent training of at least 6 months or more.

What will happen if a student can’t complete the course in time? Expand

This has very little possibility but yes if any student needs more time to complete. We will provide some extra sessions but students should pay for those sessions.

Students who paid their yearly fee at once can take a benefit of 2 Free months in this situation.

Can my money be refunded? Expand

Yes, You can ask for a full refund before you started your lessons with us. But, Once you started your sessions you are no more eligible for any refund.

Will Institute or Instrucrtor increase their fee after admission? Expand

Yes, Once a year we increase our fee by Rs. 200/- INR, approx $ 2.75 USD per session.

But, Once you reach ₹ 1,000/- per session. It will be fixed forever. This is the max you have to pay.

Learn Tabla Online

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