Raag Pooriya

Raag Pooriya belongs to Marwa thaat of the North Indian Music System. Komal Re (Rishabh) and Tivra Ma (Madhyam) are used in this Raga. This is supposed to be a new raaga as no such records were found in ancient scripts. This raag has a serious tone. It is also known as Raag Puriya.

Raag Pooriya Raag Puriya

Characteristics or Visheshta of This Pooriya Raag:

  • As there are no signs of this raag in any ancient script. It directly shows that this is a Modern Raag from the Medieval period.
  • It is a poorvang Pradhan Raag because of the sue of Mandra (Lower Octave) and Madhya (Middle Octave) Saptak dominantly.
  • While performing this raag the very first wire of Tanpura match on Mandra Saptak Ni (Nishad). this is because Pa (Pancham) is varjya or not allowed in this raag. So Tanpura should be aligned as

Mandra Ni  |   SA  |   SA   |   SA

  • It is used to perform Maseetkhani gat, Razakhani gat and, Khayal as well.
  • This is described as a Sandhi-Prakash and Parmel Praveshak Raag. If ew use Komal RE (Rishabh), Tivra MA (Madhyam), and Shudh GA (Gandhar), it is Sandhi-Prakash raag. And, when we use Shudh DHA (Dhaivat) it enters in the Kalyan Thaat Zone.

Comparison of Raag Pooriya, Raag Marwa & Raag Sohini


  • They belong to Marwa Thaat.
  • Use of Komal RE (Rikhab), Tivra MA (Madhyam) & rest Shudh Swara in all these ragas.
  • They belong to Shadav - Shadav jati.
  • Pa (Pancham) is Varjit swara in these ragas.
  • The time is also common "Sandhi-Prakash".
  • While performing the first wire of Tanpura supposed to be on Mandra Ni (Nishad).


  • The Vadi-Samvadi section is different in these ragas.
  1. Pooriya Raag: GA-NI
  2. Marwa Raag: RE-DHA
  3. Sohini Raag: GA-DHA
  • They are different in nature.
  1. Pooriya Raag: Gambhir Prakriti (Serious Tone)
  2. Marwa Raag: Chanchal Prakriti (Joyful Tone)
  3. Sohini Raag: Chanchal Prakriti (Joyful Tone)
  • Raag Pooriya & Raag Marwa refers to evening time Sandhi-Prakash Raag, & Sohini refers to morning time Sandhi-Prakash Raag.
  • There are two followings to Dha (Dhaivat) of Raag Pooriya but n confusions or divisions regarding Dha (Dhaivat) of Raag Marwa & Raag Sohini.


1. This Raag belongs to which thaat?
a) Kafi
b) Kalyan
c) Pooriya
d) Bhairav

2. Select Jati of this Raag?
a) Audav - Shadav,
b) Shadav - Shadav,
c) Shadav - Audav,
d) Shadav - Sampoorna

3. Select the correct combination of Vadi-Samvadi?
a) RE-MA
c) GA-NI
d) MA-SA

4. What is the suitable time for this raag?
a) Early Morning,
b) Afternoon,
c) Evening,
d) Mid-Night

5. Which kind of compositions we can perform with this raag?
a) Khayal,
b) Maseetkhani Gat,
c) Razakhani Gat,
d) All of the Above

Answers: 1(c), 2(b), 3(c), 4(c), 5(d).

Compositions Performed by Masters in Raag Pooriya